Additions and Remodels

Pederson Construction is a full-service general contractor, which means that we take care of all aspects of the building process. This includes acquiring permits, setting up meetings with inspectors, and managing any sub-contractors that a project may require.  


Our work can be priced either through a bid with a contract, or on a time and materials basis. We can make recommendations as to which method would be most cost-effective for a specific project, although we respect the client’s right to choose the pricing option they feel most comfortable with. 

The Building Process:


Building an addition or having your home remodeled can be a large investment, and Pederson construction realizes how important it is for homeowners to know exactly what they are getting for their money. This is why we strive to maintain an open dialogue with our clients through every phase of the building process.


During the course of construction we schedule regular meetings with the client which, depending on the scope of the project, may be held anywhere from once a week to every day. This is important because it builds trust and ensures that our clients are always fully informed about the status of their projects, including where and how their money is being spent. These meetings also provide a regular venue for a client to voice any concerns they may have, ask questions, or make changes to the original scope of work.  


Change Orders: 


During fixed-bid construction projects it is not uncommon for unexpected issues to arise that necessitate altering the scope of work as it is laid out in the original contract. It is also fairly common for a client to decide that he or she wants to make changes to the contract mid-project. In situations such as these change orders are a safe and flexible way to accommodate changes, while still maintaining the safety and legal security of the original contract.


Change orders are contractual amendments that must be signed by both the client and Pederson Construction before any work not specified in the original contract is started. We make sure that our change orders are clear and produced in a timely manner so that there are never any surprises or bureaucratic lags in the building process.