Bernal Heights Exterior

Architect: tbd

Perched atop Bernal Heights in San Francisco, this front entry redo project transformed the entrance of a building, combining functionality and Victorian charm. A new staircase was meticulously constructed, leading up to the front door, while a new landing provided a solid foundation for guests to arrive. The landing itself featured a finished concrete slab over a wood platform, providing a sleek and durable surface.

To maintain the original Victorian aesthetics, the staircase design harmoniously blended with the building’s historic charm. Additionally, structural upgrades were made to the front facade to comply with soft story requirements, ensuring both safety and stability. Another notable aspect of the project was the creation of a new lower staircase, featuring concrete and elegantly curved steps along with accompanying planters. This complete redesign breathed new life into the original old stairs, enhancing the overall appeal and functionality of the front entry.