Inner Richmond Hardscape

At a residence nestled in the Inner Richmond neighborhood of San Francisco, we undertook a comprehensive project to rejuvenate a neglected backyard space. The first step involved clearing out the overgrown weeds and untidy mess, setting the stage for a complete transformation. With careful grading and attention to detail, we laid down fresh artificial turf, breathing new life into the area.

To complement the natural contours of the backyard, we constructed a stunning Trex platform with graceful curves, seamlessly blending functionality and aesthetics. Additionally, we built a sturdy foundation to support a backyard shed, which was thoughtfully supplied by the owner. Enhancing both safety and enjoyment, we installed a new electrical panel and a dedicated gas line to power a cozy fire pit, perfect for gathering and creating lasting memories. This project exemplifies our commitment to creating outdoor spaces that combine beauty, functionality, and a touch of serenity.