Outer Sunset Hardscape

In the picturesque Sunset District of San Francisco, we had the opportunity to create a stunning backyard accessory unit that serves as a tranquil office space for the owner. Designed with meticulous attention to detail, this project showcases the owner’s chosen finishes and personal style. As a team, we worked closely with the owner to bring his vision to life. The beauty of this project lies in its compliance with the accessory structure requirements of San Francisco, eliminating the need for a permit.

Inside, the unit is a haven of comfort, featuring insulation, drywall, and impeccable finishes. One standout addition is the round “portal” window, providing captivating views of the deck and the owner’s house. Additionally, we expanded the existing deck and crafted a pathway, seamlessly connecting the new office to the surrounding space. This backyard accessory unit exemplifies the perfect balance of functionality, design, and tranquility, offering the owner a personalized and inspiring workspace just steps away from home.