Vallejo St. Kitchen

Situated on Vallejo Street in San Francisco, this project entailed the creation of a sleek and contemporary kitchen. The installation featured stunning granite countertops, while the bar/peninsula boasted an eye-catching waterfall edge, adding a touch of elegance to the space. With the design of the cabinets being unforgiving, precise attention to detail was crucial. Every wall and finish had to be flawlessly executed to ensure a seamless fit.

The doors and end panels were meticulously crafted to avoid any cuts and perfectly align within the designated space. In addition to the kitchen, an exciting expansion took place as the back wall was opened up to introduce a vast 12′ bi-fold door, connecting the interior with the inviting backyard. This addition required the installation of a steel frame and steel piers to provide structural support for the large door. The project seamlessly merged the realms of kitchen renovation and home expansion, resulting in a sophisticated space that effortlessly combines functionality and modern design.